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The most direct route to Philadelphia from Jackson is to take Lakeland Drive (Highway 25) to Carthage. Lakeland Drive (within city limits) becomes Highway 25 and is four-laned to Carthage. Exit on Highway 16 (Carthage) and travel east. Philadelphia is approximately 30 miles from this exit. You may also take I-55 North in Jackson to the Natchez Trace exit. The Natchez Trace will take you also to Highway 16, but is further west from Carthage and Philadelphia. If you’re coming from the southern side of Jackson, you may travel I-20 from Jackson and exit on Highway 35 at Forest and travel to Carthage, turning east on Highway 16 to Philadelphia. If you pass Forest and continue east, you can exit at Newton and take Highway 15 directly to Philadelphia, approximately 30 miles. You may also travel to Meridian, take the Highway 19 North exit, and come into Philadelphia from the south.
At the four way stop (Hwy 16 & 15) Turn left , Bear right onto Beacon Street to come into town.



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